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Is Joe a threat to Trump, or is he the Democrats' old news?

AOC keeps finding new ways to stick her foot in her mouth via Twitter:

The problem with being the It Person of no discernible accomplishments is that there's always an opening for a new It Person with some barely discernible accomplishments ready to displace you.

It's cool. He'll have a token female (can we say that?) person of color for his running mate.


It's bad enough that pro-abortion Roman Catholic elected officials aren't held accountable by their constituents. The real shame is when they aren't held accountable by clergy -- especially clergy powerful enough to do something about them. For example, New York's Cardinal Dolan has a strong social media presence and often posts about pro-life issues. He also posts selfies of himself with his buddy, the New York governor who recently signed a truly horrifying abortion bill into law. It's a terrible message for the faithful.

TIME editor at large pounces on Biden.



We're going to see a lot of these.

That didn't take long.

This is a travesty!

I met Antonia in Vegas a few years ago while we were both hanging out at Pro Gun Glub during the SHOT Show. She's a great lady, what a shame that YouTube has demonitized her.

This makes me think that the mood of the Democratic electorate, or at least a plurality of it, might be too radical for Joe Biden to survive the primary race.

Stay tuned...