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The man who decided to give up everything but beer for Lent has ended his fast: 

On Wednesday, Del Hall's first meal of the day is a yuzu ginger sour.

More than 40 days into his beer-only Lenten fast, Hall says his palate is incredible. The Pleasant Ridge man describes the yuzu, a citrus popular in Asia, as delicate and the first sip of the beer is tart and bright.

The beer, called Twelfth & Central, is a 50 West Brewing Company collaboration with Zundo Ramen and Donburi.

"I feel like I'm in my 20s," the 43-year-old Army veteran said.

After 40 days, Hall said:

  • He needs less sleep
  • His mind is clear
  • He said he feels like there's no inflammation in his body

He also lost 40 pounds. There might be something to this...