Live Blog: Mueller Day

Here is your live blog for the day.

Andy McCarthy on Fox just now: "The special council did not resolve the prosecutuoral decision on obstruction, so this is a decision for Barr to make."

McCarthy added that Barr believed "they couldn't conceivably make an obstruction case" against Trump that would reach a reasonable doubt standard.

Did anybody not know that the President has a Yuge ego and isn't terribly knowledgeable about separations of powers?  I could have saved you two years of trouble and a lot of money...

Most of the Mueller report is readable.

So Dems should stop bellyaching about releasing the unredacted version.

Or maybe they should impeach Trump. It will cost them at the polls, but it will give them their stupid unredacted report.

Shep Smith:  Everything you just heard for the last 4 hours on my network is nothing but Administration spin.  But don't turn to CNN, I'll set the record straight!

And oh, BTW, I'm still looking for the Katrina snipers, as soon as I get my mascara straight.

Dana Perino: Andy McCarthy do you think the Mueller Report gave Jerry Nalder room to run here?

McCarthy: No, I really don't.  I think his version of the Muller Report will give him room to run.



So what's your hot take on the Muller Report?

Jerry Nadler's left eyebrow has a mind of its own.  Too bad his mind does not.

Just arrived in my inbox:


Adam Schiff has proof that Donald Trump burned down Notre Dame.  But we won't be able to see it until after a thorough investigation... or maybe not even then.

Oh, how I love this site: