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Live Blog

If you missed it, and can stomach it, here's the video of FNC's Shep Smith doin that awful Shep Smith thing he does.

And from the replies: "Years ago before a government shutdown Shep looked into the camera and said 'If the government shuts down you won't be able to get money our of your ATM. That's what'll happen tomorrow.' That was a straight up lie, and that's when I knew Shepard Smith was a scumbag."

I watched Fox News for several years starting in the late '90s. They did two stories, practically back-to-back, which made me fall in like* with the network. One was a report on asset-forfeiture abuse, the other on regulatory overreach by the EPA. And I immediately thought, "Damn, nobody is covering this stuff outside tiny little conservative and libertarian publications!"

But in those days, Smith was the network's lefty outlier. For years now however, Fox as a whole is becoming more like Smith. So I fell out of like and turned off the TV. I use C-SPAN for my drunkblogging, and that's literally almost it for me and broadcast news.

*Pro tip: Never fall in love with anything media-related.