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I had no idea his father was a mailman.

"Shining the new apples" because "polishing the turds" would have been too honest:

A "media blackout" hiding the "secret of the universe."

Christian author Eric Metaxas (the creative force behind "Veggie Tales") spoke about the miraculous fine-tuning of Earth and the universe for human life. This evidence of Intelligent Design has been silenced in the media, and that is a real shame. Even as media outlets hype any new evolutionary discovery, they overlook the mounting evidence of the complexity of life and the miracle that human beings are here to understand how the universe works.

More pro-life news.

Ohio's Heartbeat Bill was signed into law yesterday, and that's amazing news. But something else happened in North Dakota this week: Gov. Doug Burgum (R-N.D.) signed a law protecting babies from being ripped apart in the womb.


He was owned, he's just too stupid to know it.

People often fail to understand that progressives are immune to feeling embarrassed. They subscribe to a world view in which reality isn't real. It's pure fantasy that is constantly being adjusted to mask what's really going on. Yes, Candace Owens ran roughshod over the lot of them. They're all too delusional to know it, however.

An apology ... to sleazy lawyers.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) says he owes sleazy lawyers an apology, for comparing them to Michael Avenatti.

Sean's only mistake is in calling Cillizza stupid. He isn't stupid; he's a skilled -- if obvious -- hack.

In case you're wondering what happens on the PJM backchannels, here's a (tasty) sample:

Some may call it "avoiding work," but I feel like we just had a really good intercultural exchange that benefits not only the PJM community but will probably lead to world peace.

Demonizing dissent, Friday edition.

This activist said the Federalist's Chad Felix Green shouldn't have legal protections for his marriage or his employment because he thinks there's no evidence Vice President Mike Pence is anti-LGBT.

I can almost promise you you're having a better day than this guy.

Also on Twitter, the latest deflection from Ilhan Omar. She wrote this morning:

The people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!” President George W. Bush

Was Bush downplaying the terrorist attack?

What if he was a Muslim.

If anyone can tell me what the hell any of that is supposed to mean, if anything, I'd sure appreciate it.