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Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what's on the president's agenda today:

  • The president participates in a roundtable with supporters in San Antonio, Texas
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a joint fundraising committee lunch
  • The president arrives at International Union of Operating Engineers International Training and Education Center in Crosby, Texas
  • President Trump delivers remarks and signs an Executive Order on energy and infrastructure
  • The president participates in a roundtable with supporters in Houston, Texas
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a joint fundraising committee dinner

AG Barr testimony

Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr appeared before the House Appropriations Committee to talk about the DOJ budget, but that was more of an afterthought as the Democrats used the opportunity to showcase their virtue on the Mueller report. The Democrats are upset that Barr released a letter summarizing Mueller's findings and those findings blew up more than two years of claims that Trump is a RUSSIAN asset who worked with the RUSSIANS to win the presidential election. Now, the objective is to create a cloud of suspicion around Barr which, I guess, will cast doubt on the Mueller report. Silly stuff.

Some good news, other than Barr's stellar performance, is that Barr is investigating the origin of the entire Trump-RUSSIA travesty.

“A headline today is that William Barr's personally reviewing the conduct of the FBI in launching the Trump Russia collusion hoax. He knows and there is a plethora of evidence that the process by the FBI was corrupted by political bias and personal animus,” Gregg Jarrett told Sean Hannity.

Further, Bloomberg reports:

Attorney General William Barr has assembled a team to review controversial counterintelligence decisions made by Justice Department and FBI officials, including actions taken during the probe of the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016, according to a person familiar with the matter.

This indicates that Barr is looking into allegations that Republican lawmakers have been pursuing for more than a year -- that the investigation into President Donald Trump and possible collusion with Russia was tainted at the start by anti-Trump bias in the FBI and Justice Department.

Yes, that's right and tainted would be the best possible outcome, illegal is more like it.

“I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” Barr told a House panel on Tuesday.

Barr's investigation is in addition to the one being conducted by the DOJ's inspector general.

Barr will testify today before the Senate Appropriations Committee. Buckle up.


Former FBI Lawyer Didn’t Think Rosenstein Was Joking About Invoking 25th Amendment

They haven't even seen it yet, how are they preparing a response? Democrats prepare their response to Barr's redacted report

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Check out this important thread on social media censorship.

LiveAction Director of External Affairs Alison Centofante has shared 6 horrible cases of social media censorship against LiveAction and Lila Rose.

They can't say anything about defunding Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood can defend itself, but LiveAction cannot argue that women don't need it.

Fauxcahontas is trailing Buttgeig in fund raising:

HuffPo is under the impression that they have more information about the Department of Justice than the man who is the head of the Department of Justice:

American mainstream media automatically believe that any anti-Trump sentiment they have is legitimized by the mere fact that it bolsters their hurt feelings.


So what got your attention today? Black holes? Google's overreach? The blizzard currently blowing down the Front Range?

"My God, it's full of stars..."

Well, whatever is left of stars after they've been pulled into a singularity and had their atoms ripped apart. But that's just details, man.

The Guardian has a nice explainer at the link, and the photo... well, I've been waiting to see something like this since I was about six years old. And that's longer ago than I care to admit or even think about.

Facts are stubborn things, but Leftists are more stubborn still.

I wish we got more value for our defense dollar, but that fact is that we're on trend to spend about 4% of GDP on national defense. Which when you think about it, is a bargain of an national insurance policy. Especially when you consider that very nearly 40% of the defense budget is spent on wages and benefits, which means that money gets plowed right back into the economy by military families -- not by giant defense contractors.

Washington County, Oregon:

Imagine coming home to find a burglar in your bathroom.

Terrified, you call 911 and wait for police to arrive, like one person in Oregon did when faced with the same issue. You tell the dispatcher the intruder has locked himself in the bathroom, and you can see shadows under the door.

Seven minutes later, deputies arrive and surround the house. They call in a K9 to help.

Deputies hear noise coming from the bathroom. They order the suspect to surrender, but the burglar won’t budge.

Ten minutes later, deputies break into the bathroom with their weapons drawn to find the suspect: a robotic vacuum.

I've lost count of the number of times my Roomba has locked itself in the bathroom, so I feel for these people.  (The dogs too, for that matter... don't get me started on the Great Bidet Incident of 2018.)

According to an article at Wired, the robocall problem will never be totally fixed:

Years into the robocalling frenzy, your phone probably still rings off the hook with "important information about your account," updates from the "Chinese embassy," and every bogus sweepstakes offer imaginable. That's despite promises from the telecom industry and the US government that solutions would be coming. Much like the firehose of spam that made email almost unusable in the late 1990s, robocalls have made people in the US wary of picking up their cell phones and landlines. In fact, email spam offers a useful analogy: a scourge that probably can't be eliminated, but can be effectively managed.


Because fairness. And also shut up, hater.