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ACLU uses little boy to push transgender identity.

This new video suggests this little boy is a girl, despite his biological sex, and advocates opening women's restrooms and changing rooms to biological men because this little boy dresses and acts like a girl.

The Equality Act would have devastating consequences. It's not the wonderful bill the ACLU makes it out to be, and it would harm women and girls.

Trump tweets "Dark Knight" soundtrack music...

People noticed.

Watching if Hans Zimmer complains...

Alyssa Robinette is a former Colorado Springs-area meteorologist, now living in Maryland. But she's apparently still fascinated by our bizarre weather, and puts up her own forecasts on Facebook, which are generally just as accurate, but more detailed, than anything you'll see on TV. She used to color her maps in crayon, which was just charming as all heck. But this year she's using more advanced tools.

Anyway, Spring at 7,400 feet (my area is inside the purple circle with Monument at the center) is not like normal Spring. It's a schizophrenic blend of Winter and Spring which I've started calling Wring. And looking at the latest map, we're going from a delightful 73° today, to ice, whiteout conditions, and 5-10" of snow tomorrow and Thursday. Sunday, grilling weather returns.

In other words, we're about to get put through the Wringer once more.


Coffee? Tea? Eleven million Democrats all running for President?



You'll have to cut Aleaziz some slack, as BuzzFeed is rightly better known for amusing cat GIFs than for informed reporting.




Your daily reminder that CNN is, in fact, the devil:

#FakeNews indeed.

To be clear, Yglesias is *bragging* about his role in successfully perpetuating a lie.

Because there just isn't enough liberally biased fair on television:

Shout out to anyone who laughed out loud because the Times used the word "jouralism" in a non-ironic fashion.