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Steve: Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air made the case that Buttigieg could be a threat to Trump should he win the nomination. He offers as evidence this fluff piece from WaPo:

Pete Buttigieg was sitting in the back of a black SUV with a couple of staffers, sipping a still-steeping cup of tea to ease the fatigue from his suddenly frenetic schedule, when he looked out the window and interrupted himself.

“Man,” said Buttigieg, taking in the rainbow-hued signs and colorfully dressed passersby that signaled he had entered West Hollywood, Los Angeles’s de facto gay neighborhood. “It got real gay real quick out there.”

Few Democratic presidential candidates could assess their surroundings so bluntly without seeming painfully out of line. But Buttigieg is not like any other Democratic presidential candidate — in part, if not exclusively, because he is gay.

He's the gay Beto and the media is absolutely swooning over him. Moreover, his nice guy image might appeal to voters in the middle who don't know how radical he is. Jazz writes:

Republicans will have to walk a fine line in going after him, even if there’s some hot oppo out there. The public seems focused on all the stories about what a nice guy he is. You probably already heard about how he rushed out of the house to gather paperwork, round up witnesses and marry a couple only minutes before the wife gave birth to their child, just so the baby wouldn’t be born out of wedlock. There are others describing how he’s shown up at the scene of local problems in South Bend and just jumped in to lend a hand without announcing his presence. For all I know the guy has been rescuing cats out of trees and helping put our fires.

The point is, I’m hearing more people, including close personal friends, talking about how much they admire him. If he gets up at a lectern in a debate against the President and Trump starts swinging haymakers at him, viewers are going to start asking why the mean orange man is picking on nice Mayor Pete so much. It’s a potential trap.

Even though he's a white male, his gayness earns him a spot near the top of the intersectional pyramid, so watch for the media to be all-in for Buttigieg. Heck, even Matt Drudge seems to be on Mayor Pete's team.

We've been warned.

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