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The good old corruption was better, when rich people would buy their kids’ entry into the Ivy League by donating a new building, or funding a scholarship for the kids of families without means. Sure, there was corruption involved, but there was also a public good derived from it.

The new corruption is just payoffs, because our new elites can’t be bothered to mask their bad habits with public displays of worthiness.



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“Not allowed” is pretty much the Left’s mantra.

First off, no wife-beating is OK, ever.

Second, according to the sources I’m familiar with, he’s lying.

Here’s a good resource on permissible wife-beating in Islam.

I somehow missed this one yesterday, but it's never too late to celebrate bad things happening to the Coward of Broward.

Diehard Veggie Tales fans will appreciate this:

As a big Stones fan, I'll second the sentiment: Get well quickly and make a full recovery, please.

Deb-a couple of thoughts on the Gillette ad here.

It's obvious that Gillette's ad people have lost their minds in the past few months, first attacking masculinity and now celebrating obesity. The latter really bugs me. My weight has fluctuated most of my life. I've probably never been more than 30 lbs overweight but I know that if I'm even 10 over I feel like crap all of the time. The "body-positive" people are full of it (as well as food). What's really frustrating is that there are any number of potential health disasters that can be directly tied to being even a little overweight (belly fat and heart attacks in men, for example). It's proven science, and the people who purport to be big fans of science ignore it all because feelings and stuff.

Give me the Nike ad celebrating the 80-year-old nun doing Ironman triathlons any day.

Nailed it.

Which is funnier: Trump's tweet, or the overwrought, fainting-couch reaction to it?

I'm going with the latter, but understand that either choice is perfectly legitimate.