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We are one step closer to our promised Jetsons future:

If all he ever did was this for the next year and a half I would vote for him in a heartbeat:

A big part of what helped the MSM become a liberal propaganda monster is that most prominent Republicans -- especially the two Bush presidents -- would never call them on their bias. For the most part, Newt Gingrich has been a voice crying "BS!" in the wilderness. Then Donald Trump came along. Yes, he's a shoot-from-the-lip kind of guy who can get things wrong but he is almost always spot on with his criticism of the media.


Make it the threadiest yet.

PJMedia Live Blog readers knew, but it still bears repeating.

So earlier today I read where a top Russian general explained that Russia is in a permanent war with the United States.

The Hill has the story:

In a recent speech at Moscow’s Academy of Military Science, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian general staff, issued a three-pronged warning to the United States. He broadened Moscow’s definition of war, threatened the nuclear option and invented a U.S.-sponsored “fifth column” that allegedly plans to destabilize Russia.

Gerasimov followed in Soviet footsteps by describing America as Russia's main enemy and declared that there are no essential differences between open war and an opaque peace.

During peacetime, war is simply conducted by non-military means through clandestine influence and disinformation operations — what some have defined as hybrid or asymmetric attacks.

Gerasimov declared that Moscow was poised to intensify its non-military war against the U.S. while also preparing for military confrontation through an extensive arms buildup. The objective is to weaken America’s global reach, disrupt U.S. alliances and expand Russia’s influence.

Moscow's current military buildup is reinforced by a greater use of sub-military warfare, including cyber, economic and informational weapons. In particular, the “information sphere,” which lacks clear-cut national boundaries, provides opportunities for persistent covert attacks on the U.S., including its political system and public opinion.

If I may quote Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan, upon hearing from a German propaganda officer with a loudspeaker that "the Statue of Liberty ist kaput," well, that's disconcerting.

Especially in light of another shocking revelation:

Sure, we've got nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, virtually undetectable missile subs, stealth bombers, and literally thousands of fifth-generation strike fighters going to the Air Force, Navy, and Marines over the next couple decades...

...but Russia "combat parapsychology learned from dolphins."

We are so screwed.

Cruel but fair.

RawStory is a horrible site which no one should ever read.

That is all.

It's official: Herman Cain will be nominated to the Fed.

I don't much follow TV ratings... can anyone back up Emerald's claim, or do I have to do my job today and do some actual digging?

FINE. I'll do some digging.

[a few minutes pass]

The closest thing I could find was a claim by Tucker Carlson that after the Mueller Report, "ratings on CNN and MSNBC plummeted immediately, in some cases more than 50%.". The Washington Times has some solid Nielsen numbers, reporting that "Fox News prime-time ratings up by 11% in the last year; CNN's fell by 11%."

Maybe this is what Emerald was referring to:

Maddow's audience was down 21% from what has been typical for her this year. The full MSNBC and CNN prime-time lineups slumped last week, with both Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo down 36% from the year's average, Nielsen said.

That's a huge slump from Cooper and Cuomo, and it couldn't happen to a nicer couple of hacks. But it still isn't a 50% drop, and again, their network is down "only" 11% over the past year.

Let's see how the numbers shake out after the MSN-DNC comes up with new lines of attack post-Mueller.

What did I just watch?

Is she squatting on the floor eating out of the cat's dish?