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If Joe ‘Hugger’ Biden, one of America’s most decent men, isn’t virtuous enough to be President – then who the hell is?

That's Piers Morgan in today's Daily Mail.

Here's more, if you can stomach it:

It was a few days after Beau’s death that Biden rang to thank me for a column I wrote praising his son as ‘the best president America will never have.’

‘You know,’ he said, ‘there’s no worse thing in the world than losing a child. Nothing.’

I’m sure he’s right, and yet he’s had to endure this horror twice, and he’s lost a wife too.

So Joe Biden’s lived a long, tough, often horribly sad life.

Despite this, he’s dedicated himself to public service with, by common consent, great skill, tenacity, hard work and charm – establishing him as one of the most famous and admired politicians in America.

There's no doubt Biden has suffered tragedy -- who amongst us hasn't, or won't? And that in public he's done so with grace and dignity. But if character is what we do when people aren't watching, then let's get to the...


Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, George Soros, Ukraine, and Russian Collusion.

This is from a Live Blog post I wrote just yesterday:

In January of last year, Biden boasted to a friendly foreign policy audience that he used a threat to withhold US aid to get Ukraine to fire its state prosecutor. It worked. Biden did not reveal that the prosecutor was investigating the company employing Biden’s surviving son.

Joe Biden worked with, or at least alongside of, a Soros-funded organization trying to dethrone a Ukrainian prosecutor looking into official corruption involving Biden's own son. To put it even more bluntly, Biden and Soros -- with official cover from Barack Obama -- worked to undermine the Ukrainian government during its ongoing war against Russian aggression.

Heckuva guy, eh?