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Kamala cleans up in South Carolina.

Endorsements galore...

The State reports:

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Thursday announced five endorsements from well-known S.C. Democrats ahead of the 2020 Democratic primary.

That includes the support of three state lawmakers and a 2018 Democratic candidate for governor, Florence attorney Marguerite Willis.

With California and South Carolina, Kamala Harris could take a powerful early lead in the 2020 primary.

Pence says let's go to the moon.

NASA's estimate for Americans back on the moon — in 2028 — is not good enough, Vice President Mike Pence says. From the National Space Society:

The National Space Society supports the administration’s efforts to accelerate the timetable for getting U.S. personnel on the Moon permanently. Chair of the NSS Executive Committee Dale Skran stated, “An accelerated return to the Moon should focus on the goal of mining the resources of the lunar polar regions and not simply putting boots on the ground. We need a reusable architecture that is cost-effective, not another one-shot space stunt.”

Vice President Mike Pence announced on March 26 the administration’s revised plans for Americans to return to the Moon within the next five years, as the 50th anniversary of the first crewed mission to the Moon approaches. Speaking at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Pence stated that the earlier NASA-estimated year of 2028 for the next Americans on the Moon was “just not good enough.” He went on to urge NASA to set “bold goals” such as landing a crewed mission near the Moon’s South Pole, which scientists believe contains abundant water ice for fuel and life support.

Journalism instructor compares conservatives to KKK.

My Hillsdale College classmate Kat Timpf has the story at National Review:

A Mississippi State University journalism ethics instructor seemed to suggest that a conservative student group, Young Americans for Freedom, was kind of similar to the KKK.

“Hey the White Male Student Caucus holding a gathering,” stated the lecturer, Ryan Phillips, in a March 20 tweet commenting on a photo of one of the group’s events, which featured a “Build The Wall” display.

“Hoods and burning crosses optional,” he continued, followed by an emoji face with glasses.

Liberal professors are demonizing dissent.

Spencer Brown, YAF’s national spokesman, said that the incident was “emblematic of a major problem within higher education — and to an extent within the larger culture today — where ideological opponents of conservatism turn to ad hominem attacks and poison the well of ideas in their attempts to silence conservatives.”

A new version is up of that deleted tweet I wrote about earlier, so here it is.

For now?



ICYMI: AOC and Liz Warren had a pow wow.

Is the Green New Democrat mulling a 2020 endorsement?

AOC and Warren were clearly making fun of the idea that it's news they're meeting together, but when the hot new thing among the Democrats is meeting with a 2020 candidate, that does matter.


Sorry I’ve been slack on posting these things this week, but my kids are on Spring Break, I had to put my car in the shop for a recall repair, and the latest macOS software update blew out my external video card.

So how’s your week been?

Trump in Florida.

Yes, keep the Sunshine State red.

I'll give you just a few of the tweets here, then encourage you to read the entire thread:

It ain't paranoia if it's actually happening.

Anything to further the narrative.

I talked about this very thing on my Right Angle segment earlier this week for And as I noted to Scott Ott during the segment, one thing almost all of these Fake News stories had in common was a reliance on a single, anonymous source. Back in the Olden Times of Yore, this was considered a big no-no for journalists, editors, and publications.

Now it’s just standard operating procedure, because they seem happy to nuke their own industry just for one more shot at the Bad Orange Man.