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Mueller Departs the US Capitol

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No new indictments.

Breaking: Fox News is reporting that Mueller is not recommending any further indictments in the Russia probe. Trump is in the clear, I think...


Did you feel a disturbance in the universe? The witch-hunters' report has been given to the attorney general.

The only question left long before the leaks start coming? Tell me in the comments how long you think it will be before we start hearing gossip about the report. How long before Cuck Todd (typo and it stays) Brian Stelter and the other "journalists" start telling us what their sources know about the contents.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller just submitted his final report on the Trump-Russia investigation to Attorney General Bill Barr.

The Washington Examiner's Jerry Dunleavy reports:

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday delivered his final report to the Justice Department on his investigation into President Trump's alleged collusion with Russia, according to multiple reports.

Handing off his report to Attorney General William Barr signals the end of the investigation that began when Mueller was appointed in May, 2017, by acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Barr now has to decide how much of the report will be released to Congress and to the public.

Given the fact that Mueller has not gone directly against Trump, I think the filing of the final report is a good sign. It likely means that there was "no collusion," but of course Paul Manafort was always a corrupt influence.

If the "no collusion" result comes through, expect Democrats to immediately pivot to something else.

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Just going to drop this right here.


More to come. Stand by.

Stephen Moore at the Fed? Or Herman Cain?

I'd love to see this happen. I know you may disagree, but I'd rather see Stephen Moore there (he's an excellent longstanding Heritage Foundation scholar) than Herman Cain.

Now why would that be?

Waiting for Mueller is "like waiting for a baby."

President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani says waiting for the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller is "like waiting for a baby."

To be fair, HuffPo writers are seemingly encouraged to indulge their credulity when it comes to Democrats.