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Try not to laugh.

I dare you.

I double-dog dare you.

It's amazing what one can accomplish when a new POTUS finally gives the orders to allow for the swift killing of very bad guys in large numbers.

I'm this close to being convinced that, given his stubborn refusal at first to acknowledge ISIS and then his pinprick attacks against its leadership but not its foot soldiers, that Barack Obama thought of ISIS as a legitimate expression of Islamic political will.

And, hell, maybe he's right.



Well, he didn't exactly do nothing. In fact, he did many, many bad things that hurt the country, including allowing this debacle to happen:

There goes my March Madness bracket...

R.I.P. Louisville.

I have Duke as the final champion.

What about you? Did you choose Minnesota?


Be kind, but don't feed the trolls...

On second thought, maybe this is the shortest and truest thing you'll read all day.

And if not, it's surely the most "cruel but fair" thing you'll read all day.

I had to explain to my 13-year-old the other night -- our dinner table conversations cover everything -- why I didn't think that sometime during his lifetime, there would be a Germany as we know it any longer.

Germans aren't breeding in sufficient numbers, the once-mighty Bundeswehr is barely a shadow of its Cold War self, and they're replacing their declining numbers with "migrants" from a non-Western culture.

It won't end well, but if these trends don't change it will end.

This is yuge.

Much like moving the embassy to Jerusalem, signaling to the Palestinians that the only thing on the table is real peace, this tells Damascus the same thing.

Jerusalem is the capital. The Golan Heights is Israel's by strategic necessity imposed on Israel by Syria.

Damn proud of Trump right now.

It's like a scene out of Hogan's Heroes, only real. The ingenuity of our POWs is really something to behold, and something not often taught.

Weirdos, freaks, and perverts as far as the eye can see in the Democratic Party.