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Bill Kristol smiles smugly.

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It's official!


But... but... but... I had been assured voter fraud was a myth.

If I was Emperor for a Day, I'd make ballot-harvesting a capital offense. But then I'm the forgiving type, and would impose drawing and quartering only for left lane hogs.

That tweet didn't age well.

Full story as to exactly why is over at VodkaPundit.

Bill Kristol: Trump’s ‘Unstable’ and He ‘Does Not Have a Psychological State’ To Be Trusted Four More Years.

This is from a guy who let his own anti-Trump neurosis cause him to drive his magazine out of business, and who is now waving the flag for whatever Democratic causes he can try to cover with the tiny fig leaf of "True Conservatism™."

Kristol has no room, none, for talking about other people's psychological states.

The problem with kids today is parents yesterday.

Police arrest a suspect.

Utrecht Police have arrested a suspect who may have been involved in the shooting.

Find more updates here.



Your daily reminder that there's a Stripes reference for everything.

Utrecht police are searching for 37-year-old Gokmen Tanis in connection with the tram shooting. They've released this image of the suspect, which they apparently obtained from Twitter.


But that's unpossible!

Thanks for that eye-opener this morning, Steve. As you rightly discerned, I haven't had nearly enough coffee to cope with Kasich shenanigans on a Monday morning. Kudos to my friend Jason Hart for doggedly pursuing the former Ohio gov and failed presidential candidate. Were it not for Jason, I fear people would still be enamored with the former budget hawk turned MSM darling.