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Beto 2020: Do as I say, don't do as I do.

Big 2020 news: Hollywood as first lady?

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is dating Rosario Dawson.

Maybe he's just trying to suck the air from Beto...

Bernie Sanders supporter defects...

Huge SPLC news.

First, the co-founder is out.



Oh, and a helpful reminder of just how destructive this nefarious organization is.

Steve, your "Snow Bomb" report brings to mind the Blizzard of '78. Dozens of people died -- many of them stranded in their cars after they ignored warnings to stay home. Gov. Rhodes called in the National Guard and the Ohio Turnpike was closed for the first and only time in its history. State authorities plowed a 30-foot-high snow barricade across Route 30 to keep people off the roads.

I reminisced about it here. The video at the top of the post with the news coverage from that week is amazing (well, the video is actually pretty crummy by today's standards, but the audio is pretty good). Being stranded in a vehicle was infinitely more dangerous back then due to the 1970s-era gas-guzzling cars. Once you ran out of gas, you had the choice to either abandon your icy tomb and face the hurricane-force winds and snow drifts or stay in your car until help arrived -- or you died.

The moral of the story: When authorities tell you to stay home, you listen.

Meanwhile, it's a balmy 72 degrees in Ohio and I'm enjoying my outside office at the PJM Wayne County bureau (aka the back deck) for the first time this year. Glorious! (Sorry, Steve.)


Who voted?

Twelve Republicans voted against Trump's national emergency declaration, with some interesting last-minute flips.

I'm not a fan of the emergency declaration, but it seems like Trump's veto will hold.

Here are the names:

...and Trump will veto.

Our fire chief got on the NextDoor app this morning -- it's kind of like Facebook for neighborhoods -- to tell everyone to stay at home. The roads are so jammed with abandoned cars that the plows can't do their job, and the first responders can't even get to everyone stuck in their cars.

The last thing they need for areas hit by the Snow Bomb is for more people in more cars to clog up the roads any more than they already are.

So sit tight, and practice your day-drinking, because you shouldn't be going anywhere.

UPDATE: My wife tells me one of the local stations she follows reports 150 stranded cars on the 18-mile "gap" on I-25 between Monument (just north of Colorado Springs) and Castle Rock (just south of Denver).


It looks like the icy version of the opening credits to The Walking Dead.

If the pilot doesn't like the plane...

This article chronicling the pilots' complaints reads like a list of things from a horror novel about fear of flying.


Two Stanford University students filed a lawsuit this week against eight elite universities following allegations that wealthy parents, as well as school coaches and administrators, engaged in a bribery scam to ensure admissions for their children.

Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods on Wednesday sued Stanford, the University of Southern California (USC), Yale University and UCLA, among others, arguing they were not given an equal admission opportunity and that their degrees are less valuable because of the scandal, multiple news outlets reported Thursday.

The complaint reportedly says “unqualified students found their way into the admissions rolls of highly selective universities, while those students who played by the rules and did not have college-bribing parents were denied admission.”

That was fast but can you really blame these students?  The last thing these colleges want to do is open up their shifty admissions system.

This is turning out to be the scandal that generated a million memes. Here are two of my favorites so far: