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A Tale of Two Biden 2020 Predictions...

Joseph Curl:


If this is true it is the dumbest idea Twitter has had during an ignominious two year run of dumb ideas:

Boeing is going to need all of its considerable resources to battle what is now a global PR crisis:

According to NBC News, there are "thousands" of these planes on order, so Boeing really needs to get on top of this. This current PR nightmare also delayed the introduction of its newest long-haul jet

President Trump announced this afternoon that his administration is grounding Boeing 737 Max planes in the wake of the crash of an Ethiopian Air Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

Trump said from the White House on Wednesday that planes currently in the air would be ordered to land at their destination and remain grounded, and that airlines and pilots had been notified of the decision.





Suspicions confirmed:


5 hysterical environmentalist claims.

Jarrett Stepman over at the Daily Signal has tracked down five chicken-little predictions from the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s that failed to come to pass.

As usual, the Al Gore prediction is my favorite.

Predictions about the polar ice caps melting have been common. Dramatic pictures of polar bears floating on tiny icebergs have been some of the iconic images of the climate change movement.

Former Vice President Al Gore said at a conference in 2009 that a scientist predicted a “75 percent chance that the entire polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice free within five to seven years.”

In 2014, the ice caps were still there. In fact, it’s 2019 and the ice caps are still there.

Pants on fire...

Top Ten Signs Your Parents Secretly Hate You

10. Never installed the safety rail on your crib.

9. Taught you to play catch with ash-hot charcoal briquettes.

8. Favorite family movie night feature? Mommie Dearest.

7. "I was so happy the day you were born, I punched your mother right in the uterus."

6. So-called career guidance councilor was some guy from Hamas.

5. For 16th birthday you got the keys to Mom’s car and a gallon jug of Mad Dog 20/20.

4. "You can go anywhere you like for Spring Break, so long as it’s in Helmand province."

3. "Looking both ways is for sissies, son."

2. Your first bike came without a seat.

1. Honestly meant to post that thing about regretting your very existence on a much smaller social media platform

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. has sentenced Paul Manafort to 73 months in prison today in addition to the 47-month sentence he recently received in a separate case in Virginia.





Ryan Bomberger gets it.