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Make Congress Congress again.

Both Republicans and Democrats support the REINS Act, a measure that would require massive regulations to pass Congress just like a law. (As it stands, regulatory agencies effectively make law; it's quite perverse and arguably violates Article 1 of the Constitution.)

From David Schoenbroad over at The Hill:

A  recent Rasmussen poll shows that a whopping 82 percent of voters believe that “Congress should review and approve regulations rather than allowing agencies to [impose them] on their own.” Yet, Congress shuns such responsibility because of a conflict of interest between its members and their constituents rather than a difference of opinion between Democratic and Republican voters.

Indeed, by margins of more than four-to-one, voters of both parties want their representatives to decide on regulations. In contrast, Democrats in Congress oppose the idea, while Republicans in Congress pretend to favor it, but in fact block it.

The administrative state gives Congress plausible deniability, so as America has more and more regulations that weaken freedom, Congress can pass the buck to the administration. What if Congress actually passed regulations? Then the people would have a say.

Yet, if these legislators had to take responsibility for the regulations, they would restructure regulatory statutes to give us more protection — and — fewer burdens. Instead, they leave them structured to give themselves more credit and less blame. That’s selfish.

The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, one of my favorite pieces of legislation, would require economically important regulations to be passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president, just like any law.

If Democrats really want to empower the people and weaken the government, they would support this law. Sadly, Republicans do not strongly support it, either. This should be an issue in every election.