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Babies born alive in a botched abortion...

My friend and former Christian Post colleague Napp Nazworth has a wonderful and eye-opening article up at the Christian Post today. He tells "a short history of babies born alive during an abortion."

The abortion infanticide push goes back to 1977.

In the 1977 case of Floyd v. Anders, an abortionist, Dr. Jesse Floyd, was tried for murdering a baby. He "botched" the abortion, meaning his attempt to kill the fetus failed and instead resulted in a live baby who survived for 20 days then died due to his induced pre-mature birth.

The case presented an interesting question for the courts. The U.S. Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1973 based upon a "right to privacy" for the mother. But if an abortion fails to result in a dead fetus and instead results in a baby born alive, now outside its mother, does the mother's "right to privacy" still have any bearing on the life of the child? In other words, does the right to an abortion end when the baby has fully exited the birth canal, or does that right continue? Is abortion about a woman being able to control what is inside her body, or about being able to legally kill her baby?

Judge Clement Haynsworth concluded the right to an abortion necessarily includes the right to a dead baby.

That's just the beginning. Napp goes through 7 major topics, most recently the horrific comments from Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Va.) and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Read the whole thing here.