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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

Please note the eliminationist rhetoric employed here.

Also note the Verified™ blue checkmark, which since Twitter will remove it merely for saying things Twitter management doesn't like, counts as a virtual endorsement of each tweet.

And also remember that the Left hates you, and will act accordingly.

Too funny -- CNN is covering the Trump rally in South Carolina: "As you can hear behind me, Wolf, the crowd is very fired up," Jim Acosta reports.

(They're chanting, "go home Jim!"  -- as someone holds a sign that reads: "CNN SUCKS")

Having trouble going out in public as a Trump supporter? Never fear, I'm here to give you practical and useful advice to solve this problem. Check out my tips and tricks for avoiding being attacked by a hate mob or denied service because you support the President of the United States.

People Are Stupid, Exhibit #1,000,006.


It's gonna be November 8, 2016 all over again and gobsmacked Democrats are not going to know what hit them.

I was going to add something not altogether complimentary about the beneficiaries of what's coming, but I try to adhere to Reagan's 11th Commandment -- especially during election years.