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Here is today's live blog.

It sucks to be Ben Rhodes today.

The media has been obsessing over the whereabouts of the first lady since she underwent an “embolization procedure” for a benign kidney problem twenty days ago. Melania Trump has been mostly out of the public eye for several weeks, prompting some folks to come up with theories to explain her absence. #WheresMelania has been a popular hashtag on Twitter.

Some people have been speculating about plastic surgery; others have claimed she moved out of the White House and back to New York.

Finally, the first lady felt the need to put an end to the speculations on Twitter, assuring the media that she is still in the White House and "feeling great."

I think I have a new summer project.

Just don't tell Ashe, though, because there's no way I could ever part with my Bender grill.

"Get stricter gun laws," they said.

"You'll be safer," they said.