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Live Blog

I used to love the Olympics, with my first impression of them as a kid being Bruce Jenner's amazing 1976 Decathlon win. The less said about that, perhaps the better.

But two things have really turned me off in the last 15, 20 years or so.

The beginning of the end for me was the basketball "Dream Team" of the 1992 summer games. That pretty much shattered the ideal of amateur athletes competing for the thrill of it. The Olympics could survive Soviet bloc cheating by stacking their teams with pros-in-all-but-name, because the world knew that Communists just cheat at everything. When the West started doing it, that was just too much.

The real clincher though has been NBC's coverage. They used to do such a great job of bringing the Games into you living room, but that's a long time in the past. What we get is endless hours of human interest stories, interspersed on occasion by some sports. It's tedious, made worse by SJW nonsense. And don't get me started on Bob Costas.

And now the IOC has gone and ruined whatever was left of the women's events with this one stupid decision.

What a shame.