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This woman has been trouble since day one and shows no signs of letting up.

Her sneaky attempt to call Rep. Mark Meadows a racist fell flat when Chairman Cummings, who said Meadows is a close personal friend, shut it down.

A bad moment at the end of an already really bad clown show today. Good job, Congress.

ICYMI yesterday, this is great:

I love how the weaselly Democrat tries to lie about the outcome of the vote. "Is that a denial of fact?" an incredulous Republican asks.


Isn't Roger Stone in enough trouble already?

I'll have more on this tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, this is today's real news, not the crapshow on Capitol Hill.


What's stopping Owens from going nuclear here? Let's hear it.

Let me level with you.

I think Trump's previous moral failings are a serious problem, but I happen to love many of his policies as president. He proved my 2016 naysaying at least partially wrong, and for that, I'm grateful. I wish he would care about the debt, but on abortion and religious freedom he has proven faithful.

So when David French tweets this, I'm not sure I can agree.

But Larry Schweikert's response drives me up a wall.

David French is right to point out Trump's moral failings and even if conservatives choose to support Trump, these moral failings should give us pause. None of that is to go as far as David French, however. I don't think Trump's moral failings disqualify him, but I also don't think pointing out those moral failings is somehow un-American.

Americans need to wrestle with this, rather than merely shouting at one another over it. Does Trump have a checkered moral history? Of course he does. But what other option is there? Kamala Harris? Bernie Sanders? We'll see if Trump gets a serious primary challenge (Bill Weld, who ran for vice president in 2016, told people to vote for Hillary Clinton. He's not serious.), and we'll see if there's a viable third-party candidate. But as things stand now, conservatives will likely have to support Trump.

I didn't vote for him in 2016, but I'm preparing myself to do so in 2020.

Top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee says she's not paying attention to the Cohen hearing; cites his "credibility problem."



Even CNN is calling BS on Cohen's testimony:

While we're talking Cohen, India is on the verge of nuclear war.

Things are heating up between India and Pakistan.