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That's Shifty on the left, obviously, and loathsome "Republican" strategist NeverTrumper Rick Wilson on the right.

According to Ace, the pic was taken backstage at Bill Maher's HBO show last week.

Question for Twitter.

A transgender writer has doubled down, saying he wants to drink "bone broth" extracted from "transphobes." He also used the TERF slur against feminists and lesbians who oppose transgender activism.

Twitter banned a feminist who objected to transgender activism but has yet to act against this transgender writer. Please join me in asking Twitter why.

In case you haven't heard this absurd story:

A staffer on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign says he kissed her without her consent at a small gathering of supporters before a Florida rally, an interaction that she alleges in a new lawsuit still causes her anguish.

Peter Daou, a former adviser to John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, had this to say about the story:

No wonder he's worked for two losing campaigns. Saying it's a credible allegation doesn't make it one. And I believe most people know it's not credible. Even The Washington Post acknowledges major holes in the story:

Two Trump supporters that Johnson identified as witnesses — a campaign official and Pam Bondi, then the Florida attorney general — denied seeing the alleged kiss in interviews with The Washington Post.

As recently as May 2017, Johnson spoke glowingly of Trump in a radio interview.

So, let's review... The incident allegedly occurred in 2016. The "victim" was praising Trump at least a year later, despite claiming now the incident "still causes her anguish," and, none of the named witnessed corroborate the story. Where have we seen this kind of thing before? The question we need to ask is, why now? Why is this coming out now? Could it be because the Mueller report is coming soon and everyone knows it's going to be a dud?

If you're in the Midwest, please take a minute to let us know you're safe.

In my county here in Ohio, we saw wind gusts in the 60 MPH range. Some localities reported winds in the upper 80s — Snowshoe, W.V., clocked in at 88 MPH (for context, the minimum wind speed for a tropical cyclone is 74 MPH).

As of this afternoon, 170k were without power in Ohio and over 50k in Pennsylvania. It may be days before power is restored in some areas. The wind storm has also caused significant flight delays out of Cleveland.

We lost power for about an hour last night (just long enough to get the oil lamps unpacked and burning) but were lucky not to have sustained any damage. Others weren't so lucky:

And it's not over yet. Stay safe, everyone!

If this doesn't make your day, then you need a visit from Batman, too.

Move over, Jussie...

Police have reportedly arrested a Jackson, Michigan transgender and gay rights activist for allegedly burning down his own home.

Authorities accuse Nikki Joly, who organized a series of pro-LGBTQ events and initiatives in the socially conservative town, of intentionally setting fire to their own residence in 2017, The Detroit News reported Monday. Five pets perished in the inferno and the FBI investigated the incident as a hate crime, given that Joly had allegedly received threats prior to the fire.

But a police report indicates that Joly was looking for further publicity to advance his cause.


American Action Forum puts the price tag on Alexandria Ocasio-Maduro-Castro-Cortez's Green New Deal at $93 trillion over ten years.

The so-called Green New Deal may tally between $51 trillion and $93 trillion over 10-years, concludes the Republican-aligned American Action Forum, which is run by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who directed the non-partisan CBO from from 2003 to 2005.

That includes between $8.3 trillion and $12.3 trillion to meet the plan’s call to eliminate carbon emissions from the power and transportation sectors and between $42.8 trillion and $80.6 trillion for its economic agenda including providing jobs and health care for all.

“The Green New Deal is clearly very expensive,” the group said in its analysis. “It’s further expansion of the federal government’s role in some of the most basic decisions of daily life, however, would likely have a more lasting and damaging impact than its enormous price tag.”

And Democrats thought the wall was too expensive?

Looks like South Dakota is taking the lead in combating nonsensical transgender policies in high school sports.

House Bill 1225 aims to override a current statewide policy that lets students participate in sports "in a manner consistent with their gender identity," regardless of the sex listed in their student record.

Hopefully, more states will soon follow suit with their own laws requiring transgender students to participate in sports "in a manner consistent" with their actual biological sex.



Close on the heels of Paula's post using beer to explain taxes, here we have the minimum wage explained by the Simpsons.

Any questions?