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Conservatives are calling on UC Berkeley to take action against a campus employee who took to Twitter to cheer an assault on a conservative activist that was caught on video earlier this week. (PJ Media story here). The victim, Hayden Williams, was brutally attacked by a left-wing thug while recruiting for Turning Point USA at the school on Tuesday. Most Berkeley students stood around and did nothing while the assault was going on and some at a nearby table allegedly laughed.  Williams ended up with a black eye and bloody nose. And the goon got away.

University employee Yuvi Panda wrote this on Twitter on Wednesday night:

Content Warning ...

"OH MY GOD THE MAGA PEOPLE ON UC BERKELEY CAMPUS YESTERDAY GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY SOMEONE THIS MAKES ME FEEL EMOTIONALLY SO MUCH BETTER,”  Yuvi Panda, who works for Berkeley Institute for Data Science, wrote Wednesday. “Thank you, random stranger for not letting it go unchallenged. Hope you aren’t in too much trouble. Fuck you, Turning Point USA.”

Panda's tweets are now protected.