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Good Friday morning.

Here is what's on President Trump's agenda today:

  • The president meets with the vice premier of the People’s Republic of China
  • President Trump delivers remarks at the Republican Governors Association event

Happening today: House Democrats to introduce bill that would block national emergency Friday

Alleged hoaxster Jussie Smollett charged

Yesterday at a press conference in Chicago, the Chicago Police superintendent accused Jussie Smollett of orchestrating his own "hate" attack. If you don't suffer from Trump derangement syndrome, you knew this pretty much immediately upon hearing the details of the "crime." Superintendent Eddie Johnson described Smollett's alleged hoax as taking "advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career."

“This is shameful because it painted this city that we all love and work hard in, in a negative connotation," Johnson said. "To insinuate and stage a hate crime of that nature when he knew that as a celebrity he’d get a lot of attention. … It’s despicable. It makes you wonder what’s going through someone’s mind.”

Did he smear the murder capital of America, Chicago, or did he smear every single innocent Trump supporter? Why aren't we hearing apologies from those who ran with Smollett's outlandish hate crime for inaccurately smearing the MAGAs?

Smollett's lawyer is blaming the system or something.

"The presumption of innocence, a bedrock in the search for justice, was trampled upon at the expense of Mr. Smollett and notably, on the eve of a mayoral election," his team continued.

"Mr. Smollett is a young man of impeccable character and integrity who fiercely and solemnly maintains his innocence betrayed by a system that apparently wants to skip due process and proceed directly to sentencing.”

Stay tuned to see how long before this guy is fired from his show or how long before he is offered a tenured position at an Ivy League school.


Unwelcome for Some at 'Empire' ... Several Cast Members Want Him Axed

Tucker: The ‘Cult Of Victimhood’ Prevents Don Lemon From Apologizing For His Abysmal Smollett Coverage

Here’s A Round-Up Of Jussie Smollett’s Worst Tweets About President Trump And His Supporters

The list of bogus ‘hate crimes’ in Trump era is long

MAGA-hat wearing teen claims California high school wouldn't permit her to wear hat

Conservative activist assaulted at UC-Berkeley campus: I feared for safety

The latest poster child in the immigration battle is an actual terrorist

ISIS bride Hoda Muthana wants to come back the U.S. with her son after leaving America to go join ISIS and marry some jihadis. Is she a U.S. citizen? It's a murky area: she was born here to a diplomat father, which means she is not a citizen. But her father claims he was not a diplomat when Muthana was born. It's going to court.

Now, Muthana's father, Ahmed Muthana, has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government, saying she is a citizen. The lawsuit also seeks a declaratory judgment that she was denied due process by the Trump administration when he and Pompeo declared she was not one.

The debate centers over her father's immigration status when she was born in October 1994. He was working in the U.S. as a Yemeni diplomat on a diplomatic visa, and according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the children of foreign diplomats are not given birthright citizenship because they are not under the "jurisdiction of" the U.S., as required by the 14th Amendment.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday, "She may have been born here. She is not a U.S. citizen, nor is she entitled to U.S. citizenship."

The Obama admin revoked her U.S. passport, but we don't know why they did. Who wants her back in the U.S., raise your hand?

Your daily WTF:

This might be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Woman Designs Handbag Using Her Amputated Leg Skin

Historical picture of the day:

The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team members celebrate after their upset victory over the heavily favored Soviet team by 4-3 score in the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y., on Feb. 22, 1980. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

IRS Analyst John Fry Identified as Michael Avenatti’s Source on Bombshell Michael Cohen Dirt

White House braces for Mueller report

North Carolina orders new U.S. House election after 'tainted' vote

Hilarious. Satirical site promotes Snopes factchecking its stories

Advocacy group says trans woman was killed after US deported her back to El Salvador

It’s The 39-Year Anniversary Of The Miracle On Ice Hockey Game

Pence takes Trumpism abroad

Obviously, a REALLY important issue for the vandals. Vandals tried to set the wrong General Lee monument on fire

Court: Feds Broke the Law with Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Sweetheart Deal

Roger Stone slapped with gag order

El Chapo's sons charged with drug trafficking

Well, if the Virginia [alleged] blackface and rapist crew gets to hang around, why is King punished? Steve King: 'I have nothing to apologize for,' plans to seek re-election despite controversies

Same thing here: ‘I don’t care what they say’: Editor who called for KKK to 'ride again' won’t back down

Pew survey: Teens say depression is greater problem than bullying, drugs or drinking

French bishops agree to compensation for sex abuse victims

Park ranger furloughed by the government shutdown cashes out with $30 million in the New Jersey lottery

Brands pull YouTube ads over child abuse fears

Police went to a mayor's house with a warrant and they say he shot at them

World's largest bee photographed after vanishing for decades

And that's all I've got, now go beat back the angry mob!

Ho-hum: another day, another illegal alien predator left free to roam in sanctuary-state California. Luckily a quick-thinking female cop in Napa put a cap in his ass and rendered him extremely docile. If you watch the video, note how much lead she makes him eat, thus ensuring her own safety and that of others:

An illegal immigrant with four ICE detainers was shot to death after he opened fire on a Napa County sheriff’s deputy. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office posted disturbing video from Deputy Riley Jarecki’s bodycam showing the fatal shooting of Javier Hernandez Morales, a 43-year-old Mexican national deported from the US three times but protected under California’s sanctuary laws.

Nothing "disturbing" at all about the video... a cheer moment, I would say. I counted 15-16 shots from the officer, which is proof positive that high-capacity magazines save lives, not take them. In a gunfight, you never shoot to wound, but to put your opponent first on the ground, and then in the ground:

Hernandez-Morales had a lengthy criminal history which included weapons violations, driving under the influence, and battery on a peace officer, according to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was seen in the video footage as Jarecki approached the vehicle during a traffic stop Sunday night.

After initially approaching from the passenger side, the sheriff’s deputy came around to speak to Hernandez-Morales, telling him to “Roll it down,” indicating his window. After a moment he complied but suddenly opened fire on Jarecki who was not injured but retreated to the other side of the vehicle while radioing that shots had been fired.

From the passenger side, the deputy fired a number of rounds, killing the suspect.

Everybody loves a happy ending. Meanwhile, California's unconscionable policy protecting Mexican criminals -- who often use multiple aliases, as this guy did -- from the federal government has got to stop. Useless Jeff Sessions did almost nothing about the flagrant flouting of immigration law, but perhaps new attorney general William Barr will finally crack down.

“ICE is grateful the deputy involved in this shooting was not harmed during this attack,” the agency said in a statement, according to KGO-TV. “It’s unfortunate that our law enforcement partners and the community are subjected to dangerous consequences because of inflexible state laws that protect criminal aliens.”

“This incident may have been prevented if ICE had been notified about any of the multiple times Hernandez-Morales was released from local custody over the last few years. This is an impactful, scary example of how public safety is affected by laws or policies limiting local law enforcement agencies’ ability to cooperate with ICE,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, nice shooting, Officer Jarecki.



For those keeping score at home, in just the past week Trump supporters have been physically or verbally attacked in Berkeley, Calif., Falmouth, Mass., Overland Park, Kan., and Bowling Green, Ky.

Will anyone in the MSM say anything about this alarming trend?

Well, isn't she a cocky little thing:

An American-born ISIS bride told NBC News on Friday that she anticipates "no problem" in returning to the U.S. despite the Trump administration's insistence that she won't be allowed into the country. Hoda Muthana, 24, left the U.S. to join the Islamic State in Syria in 2014.

She is now staying in a refugee camp with her 18-month-old son after fleeing the remnants of the caliphate. President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to refuse her entry. Pompeo told NBC's "Today" on Thursday that Muthana is not a citizen and will not be admitted to the country.

Details, details. What really matters here is that she is Muslim and female and therefore has a right to do anything she wants.

Muthana, who was born in New Jersey and lived in Alabama, and her family are now suing the Trump administration in an effort to allow her to return. "I know in fact that I was a citizen," she told NBC News. "When I tried filing for a passport it was very easy. It came in 10 days. So, I thought I didn’t have a problem, and I’m sure there is no problem and I know my lawyer hopefully is working on it and he will win the case.”

When asked what she expects will happen if she is allowed to return to the U.S., Muthana replied, "Of course I’ll be given jail time."

What a horrid little creature. This is why the "birthright citizenship" issue simply must be settled as soon as possible. Any clear-eyed reading of the 14th amendment understands it was mean to apply to the freed slaves, not to the offspring of illegal immigrants or children of diplomats, which Muthana was.

The president and first lady held a reception in honor of Black History Month at the White House Thursday night.

ICYMI last night, this segment with black conservatives Bruce LeVell and Henry Davis on Fox News' The Ingraham Angle was lots of fun.

LeVell is executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and Davis is founder and president of the Conservative Urban Project. The positive energy and joie de vivre oozing from these charismatic Trumpies are infectious.

Both men are in Washington, D.C., to celebrate Black History Month with the president.

Excellent news:

Best part of this is that it kneecaps the lying abortion ghouls at Planned Parenthood to the tune of $60 million.

Conservatives are calling on UC Berkeley to take action against a campus employee who took to Twitter to cheer an assault on a conservative activist that was caught on video earlier this week. (PJ Media story here). The victim, Hayden Williams, was brutally attacked by a left-wing thug while recruiting for Turning Point USA at the school on Tuesday. Most Berkeley students stood around and did nothing while the assault was going on and some at a nearby table allegedly laughed.  Williams ended up with a black eye and bloody nose. And the goon got away.

University employee Yuvi Panda wrote this on Twitter on Wednesday night:

Content Warning ...

"OH MY GOD THE MAGA PEOPLE ON UC BERKELEY CAMPUS YESTERDAY GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY SOMEONE THIS MAKES ME FEEL EMOTIONALLY SO MUCH BETTER,”  Yuvi Panda, who works for Berkeley Institute for Data Science, wrote Wednesday. “Thank you, random stranger for not letting it go unchallenged. Hope you aren’t in too much trouble. Fuck you, Turning Point USA.”

Panda's tweets are now protected. 

Get a load of this:

Dems like Van Jones don't want to "rush to judgement" on the Jussie Smollett case -- after they "rushed to judgement" on too many stories to count: RussiaGate, Brett Kavanaugh, and the Covington kids, to name a few. And oh -- the Jussie Smollett case itself when it first broke because  they fell for the obvious hoax hook, line, and sinker.

The "setback" for Democrats is that they're not going to be able to use Smollett's anti-Trump fairy tale to smear his supporters for the 2020 election. That's the "tragedy."

Jussie Smollett has been dropped from the remainder of the current season of "Empire."

One day after Jussie Smollett was arrested on multiple felony charges for the alleged racist and homophobic attack of last month, the producers of Empire have cut the actor from the rest of the show’s fifth season.

“The events of the past few weeks have been incredibly emotional for all of us,” said EPs Lee Daniels, Danny Strong, Brett Mahoney, Brian Grazer, Sanaa Hamri, Francie Calfo and Dennis Hammer this morning.

“Jussie has been an important member of our Empire family for the past five years and we care about him deeply,” the producers added. “While these allegations are very disturbing, we are placing our trust in the legal system as the process plays out. We are also aware of the effects of this process on the cast and crew members who work on our show and to avoid further disruption on set, we have decided to remove the role of ‘Jamal’ from the final two episodes of the season.”

With just a couple of episodes left to be completed in the current season of Empire, producer and writers on the Mahoney showrun series had already cut or trimmed a number of Smollett’s remaining scenes so today’s move isn’t a seismic shift in that sense.

And to think Jussie planned all of this because he was dissatisfied with his salary.

"Republicans blast," which is, I guess, the new "Republicans pounce":