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Fake hate crimes are awful not only because they increase division, hatred, and distrust between the left and right -- but because they also incite violence.

Breitbart's John Nolte keeps a running list of what he calls "media-approved" acts of violence and harassment against Trump supporters. He has cataloged 639 threats, harassment incidents, and beat-downs since Sept. of 2015. I've reported on lots of these violent crimes here at PJ Media.

Many of the incidents have landed people in the hospital. Some have been life-altering.

I'm with John Hayward (Doc. Zero), who argued on Twitter that it's time to criminalize these attempts to stir up violence against Republicans.

It's also time to formally acknowledge that left-wing hate hoaxes are one of the most prevalent and dangerous hate crimes in America right now. They're exceptionally dangerous because they instantly benefit from the combined power of credulous news media and celebrities.

Read his entire thread below: