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Kamala Harris is still the odds-on favorite to win the Democrat nomination next year: she checks all the boxes of race, sex, class, etc. She's the female Barack Obama, and the Democrats think they can whip Trump with her via their coalition of the disaffected. But her fundraising might be falling a little short:

Some 17 days after announcing her 2020 Democratic presidential bid before a sizable crowd of 20,000, California Sen. Kamala Harris has issued an urgent email headlined “Falling Short.” In it, her campaign pleads for donations in time for the next Federal Election Commission reporting period, which campaigns use to show if they have the needed financial support to push through the Iowa caucuses.

“I need to be direct: right now, we are at a real risk of falling short of our February fundraising goals,” said the email signed “Kamala.”

Maybe, maybe not. Politicians are always broke, even when they're rolling in chips. And, in a potentially crowded field, Harris wants to get off to a fast start (especially in California) and clear the field as quickly as possible.

Democratic campaign experts said that it will cost candidates $50 million to $100 million just to get to the early 2020 Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. Several campaigns are competing with each other for donations and staff. Often as FEC deadlines near, campaigns issue dire warnings not because they are falling short but because they want to pump up their final number.

Whatever. Harris -- whom I've called the Most Dangerous Democrat in America -- is both photogenic and mean as a snake, and you can bet she'll go after Trump in a campaign that will make '16 look like a kindergarten class.