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Live Blog

One thing that really struck me as I watched President Trump's rally last night was the sea of MAGA hats in the crowd. To me, it looked like a massive show of defiance in the face of the left's (including the MSM's) open hostility toward those who wear the hats.

Reportedly, a Trump supporter went postal against the media during the rally, entering the press area, shoving people, and pushing over camera equipment.

This is how the MSM is reporting the disruption:  "MAGA-Hat-Wearing" Trump Supporter Attacks Media In El Paso.

Virtually everyone at the rally was wearing a MAGA hat, so that was not exactly a distinguishing feature. But it is a way to continue the anti-MAGA narrative the media loves so much, while casting themselves as victims of Trump's constant needling.

Here's a typical headline from NBC News: 'MAGA' hat-wearing Trump backer accused of shoving journalists at El Paso rally

This nutjob -- whoever he is -- does not represent every person who wears a MAGA hat, or even a tiny percentage. He's the outlier, the exception to the rule, the man who bites the dog.

But the MSM just can't help themselves. And the deplorables will continue to wear the MAGA hat in defiance.