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El Chapo Mexican Marines

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The American media can't stop discrediting itself:

One of my favorite things about the Trump era is how it has totally unmasked the media as the partisan hacks they are. Not too long ago, most Americans believed that the MSM was generally fair, accurate and objective. Most people lead busy lives, they don't read blogs or pay hyper close attention to the news, and they naively believed the MSM was giving it to them straight.

I discovered this in 2012, after one of my daughters had surgery on her legs, and she had to go through many months of physical therapy.  I got to know her physical therapist -- a former Navy guy who seemed fairly conservative -- pretty well.

Right after the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, I mentioned that there was something weird going on with the story and the media seemed to be pushing a false narrative.

I'm sure most of you recall how the media pig-piled on Mitt Romney for criticizing the Obama administration's response to the attack. At the same time, they were also pushing the administration's BS line about the the whole thing being the result of a demonstration over an anti-Mohammed YouTube video. (Try to imagine them carrying the Trump administration's water if they ever came up with such a nonsensical story.)

I -- like I'm sure most of you PJ Media readers (because we're political junkies) -- was immediately suspicious.

The physical therapist told me he trusted the MSM's reporting on the story because they generally give you the straight and objective truth.

I was blown away.

What could I say? It had taken years of observing the media closely for me to understand how biased it is. There was no way I was going to be able to convince him in one PT session and I didn't even try.

After two years of covering Trump, they've done a much better job of convincing guys like my daughter's physical therapist that they can't be trusted to give them unbiased news than I ever could have.



A boondoggle so boondoggly even a boondoggler can't stomach it:

Jerry Brown knew that he had finally reached the last public office he would ever hold in California so he stuck with this fiscal insanity until the end. A kid with 3rd grade math skills could see that this was infeasible no matter how it played out. That Newsom is bailing on it so quickly into his tenure is all anyone needs to know about just what a hot mess this project has always been.

Just a reminder: El Chapo could provide the solution for the wall funding.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Time to build more tunnels...

Let's hope said "high-security prison" can live up to its name. This guy is a slippery one.

Even more Venezuelans going hungry is just another bitter fruit of the American Left's #resistance.


One thing that really struck me as I watched President Trump's rally last night was the sea of MAGA hats in the crowd. To me, it looked like a massive show of defiance in the face of the left's (including the MSM's) open hostility toward those who wear the hats.

Reportedly, a Trump supporter went postal against the media during the rally, entering the press area, shoving people, and pushing over camera equipment.

This is how the MSM is reporting the disruption:  "MAGA-Hat-Wearing" Trump Supporter Attacks Media In El Paso.

Virtually everyone at the rally was wearing a MAGA hat, so that was not exactly a distinguishing feature. But it is a way to continue the anti-MAGA narrative the media loves so much, while casting themselves as victims of Trump's constant needling.

Here's a typical headline from NBC News: 'MAGA' hat-wearing Trump backer accused of shoving journalists at El Paso rally

This nutjob -- whoever he is -- does not represent every person who wears a MAGA hat, or even a tiny percentage. He's the outlier, the exception to the rule, the man who bites the dog.

But the MSM just can't help themselves. And the deplorables will continue to wear the MAGA hat in defiance.



Just how sick to death are you of these crybullies?

L. Lin Wood, the attorney for Covington kid Nick Sandmann, has been trolling some of his client's defamers on Twitter:

Many legal experts have cast doubt on Wood's ability to win this case in court.

In response to the naysayers, Wood says: "I have never had a media defense lawyer publicly admit that my clients’ claims were valid. But I have had a bunch of them quietly pay my clients millions of dollars."