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Never-Trump CNN contributor John Kasich is grabbing headlines this week, and not in a good way:


Ace quips: "But Kasich lost. Does that mean Jesus changed his mind and went #MAGA?"


Well, this is... interesting.

Earlier this week PJM's Roger L. Simon wrote a column laying out how Howard Schultz could win the presidency.

Schultz tweeted out the article yesterday, praising Roger's "thoughtful analysis of what's possible." But then a few hours later he deleted the tweet. Now we know why. Asked by CNN's Anderson Cooper why he deleted it, Schultz admitted that someone had pointed out to him that Roger had called Kamala Harris "shrill" in the piece. Considering that Schultz will likely be running against Kamala in the primary if he does indeed have serious presidential aspirations, it's interesting that he seems mighty reluctant to offend her.

How many cats is too many? For me, the answer is one.

President Trump is poised to declare a national emergency on Feb. 15 if Congress doesn't offer him a bill that includes wall funding. (Yeah, he's back to saying "WALL" now.)

I think Trump's shift to using "barrier" and "structure" language to describe the wall was part of his negotiating strategy with Pelosi and Schumer. But he's done negotiating with them. His mind is made up.

Asked if he's concerned about legal challenges, Trump answered, "No, I'm not concerned."

New York Times resident conservative Ross Douthat made some damn good points on Twitter today regarding the media's double standard when reporting on "viral" news stories.


Conservatives pounce!

These are all obvious points about media bias that conservatives have been making for years, but it's not insignificant that Douthat -- who is well respected outside of conservative circles -- called out his peers in the MSM on Twitter and in a NYT podcast.