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As promised, here are photos of the "persons of interest" from the surveillance footage taken in the vicinity of the alleged MAGA attack in Chicago:

This New York Daily News reporter seemed kind of eager to jump on the MAGA attack narrative:

But we still don't know what the Chicago police found on the surveillance video. A local reporter gently corrects:

If you go to the NY Daily News article, you'll notice that they've already softened their language.


Update on the Chicago MAGA attack via Chicago PD:


LGBT crack-up, radio version.

Here's my appearance on WMAL this morning to talk about the radical feminists at the Heritage Foundation standing against transgender activism. Very strange bedfellows, but very salient issues. I'm glad to count some of these radical feminists friends because we agree that biological men cannot become women and biological women cannot become men.

Here's a story from the Heritage Foundation event that didn't get enough attention, in my humble opinion.

Surprising exactly no one:

Get ready for some hair gel action:

Harsh, but fair.

(I think he ought to stick to #4. It's stylish but not contrived.)