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This kid is brave.

The "Today" show is getting hammered by left-wing trolls for giving this Emanuel Goldstein a venue to spout his racist, hateful, beastly views. What about Nathan Phillips, huh??? Why doesn't "Today" interview him???

Well, Phillips has already been all over the place peddling his false narrative to multiple news outlets.

Now, one media outlet is finally allowing the kid to speak, and HOW DARE THEY. They are "normalizing" Trump supporters. We can't have that.

2019 is literally making me sick to my stomach.

And it will stay up, because it's pretty clear that Twitter shares the sentiment.

Wow, this is awful:

I may have to create a Diversity Olympics scorecard for the 2020 Democratic field:

The media has been signalling hard for the last week or two that "diversity" is going to be their big go-to word for the 2020 Dems. That isn't going to change the fact that most of the candidates are lily white. What I most look forward to are the people who have been swooning (with no good reason) over Kamala Harris going at it with the Betomania crowd.

In the distance, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep is grinning and pondering becoming the Destroyer of Dreams.