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Here is your live blog for the day.

Whoops, there's goes Pelosi's "security concerns" talking point.

Townhall's  Guy Benson predicted on Fox News that the president would disregard Pelosi's suggestion that they delay the SOTU, and show up as originally invited, "based on the agreed upon date and time and that will then be back in Pelosi's court to decide whether or not she wants to actually 'disinvite' the president of the United States from giving the speech."

Just when you thought PETA couldn't get any stupider:

That said, it'll probably increase their donations. The only people giving them money are wing-nuts on the left anyway.

Never forget:

Honestly, when it comes to AOC, I believe less is more. I'd really like to ignore her latest brain farts in the Washington Post,  but this is just so egregious:

Language warning:

She's using ghetto slang for gang rape to describe what she wants to do to America with the progressive agenda?

What a nasty, awful woman.

I vote "yes" to this:


Yes-abolish ALL the agencies. Also, maybe this is God's way of telling me to get into home brewing. I won't argue with God.