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Press list? That's so 90s.

AOC doesn't even have an email press list. Like all hip millennial journalists, she just uses Twitter.

ICYMI, President Trump's hilarious  "Dear Diary" tweet last night has spurred an epic meme thread.

[The "Dear Diary" gag began in June of last year when popular Twitter user Neontaster, for laughs, suggested inserting the words "Dear Diary" before every Jim Acosta tweet.]

Here's a sampling:

The Daily Caller's Benny Johnson posted this gem on his own timeline:



Good to see:

Thirty years ago today President Reagan gave his farewell address:

Common sense told us that when you put a big tax on something, the people will produce less of it. So we cut the people's tax rates, and the people produced more than ever before. The economy bloomed like a plant that had been cut back and could now grow quicker and stronger. Our economic program brought about the longest peacetime expansion in our history: real family income up, the poverty rate down, entrepreneurship booming and an explosion in research and new technology. We're exporting more now than ever because American industry became more competitive, and at the same time we summoned the national will to knock down protectionist walls abroad instead of erecting them at home.


And now for something completely different ...

The San Francisco Department of Environmental Health had to shut down a local McDonald's for five hours on Sunday after an old man brought a dead raccoon dripping with blood into the restaurant and plopped it on a table.

Pictures and video of the incident were supplied by eyewitness Chris Brooks: "Someone needs to call 911 on this dumba$$. He done bring a dead-a$$ muthaf***in' RACCOON and put him on the table," Brooks exclaimed on Facebook Live.