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Reggie Singh, the brother of slain California police officer Ronil Singh, joined President Trump this afternoon at a roundtable event at the U.S. Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas. The 33-year old husband and new father was killed by an illegal immigrant a day after Christmas.

Singh described how he and his older brother came to immigrate to America from Fiji.

"Ronil Singh ... always wanted to be in law enforcement," Singh explained. "So -- legally -- we migrated to America to fulfill his dream and join the law enforcement."

"What my family is going through right now -- I do not want any other family [of a] law enforcement person to go through that," Singh said.

He added that his family supports "whatever it takes" to put stop to it illegal immigration.

"Looking at that five-month-old baby looking for his dad? Nobody should ever have to go through that on Christmas Day. That's all, " he said, as the president reached over to pat his arm.