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Man Sells Junk Guns To Buy-Back Program, Buys New Gun With Cash.

There's a concept in economics -- one which politicians routinely try to ignore -- called "perverse incentives." That's an incentive which has either an undesirable or unintended outcome.

Depending on your tastes, however, a little perversity now and then can be delightful. And here's an example of just that at a local gun buy-back program in my old home state:

YouTuber Royal Nonesuch made a quick $300 by taking 3 firearms that he’d built out of scrap and selling them back to the state of Missouri. He described two of the pipe guns as the ‘crappiest guns I’ve ever made’ but was still able to successfully sell them off to the program.

Watching the video that Nonesuch posted, it was immediately clear that the coordinators of the events did not plan or organize as well as they should have. You can see him walk up to a man in a car to get the cash, who relayed information by yelling to another event coordinator.

Nonesuch was literally able to sell pieces of scrap metal and garbage back to the ‘no questions asked’ program with an intention to purchase a rifle or pistol from a pawn shop after the sale. He stated to his followers that he would post again when he settled on a new gun to purchase.

The ‘guns’ that he sold included a .22 zip-gun style rifle as well as a 12-gauge grappling hook gun. They were functional but by no means a practical weapon or method of defense.

Nonesuch had taken video of his little escapade, but of course YouTube pulled it for violating some longstanding policy they'd just made up.

So a gun buy-back is supposed to take perfectly fine firearms and turn them into scrap, resulting in fewer guns on the street. But this affair was so poorly run -- and according to the author of the piece, most of these things are -- that it resulted in an incentive so perverse that Polk Street hookers won't even do it for an extra hundred. Instead of taking guns of the street and turning them into junk, the know-nothings who put together this buy-back instead incentivized at least one person into taking scrap and, via their program, turning it into an extra gun on the street.


How bad was "Cryin' Chuck" and San Fran Nan's rebuttal tonight?

Even the uber liberal is making fun of them:

This was not a good night for the Dems, folks.


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I beg to differ with my colleagues. What the swells on Twitter have to say about Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi may occasionally be amusing but is totally irrelevant, Jonah Goldberg especially (he made his NeverTrump bed years ago and he's sticking to it). Indeed, Twitter is rapidly becoming totally irrelevant — and not just because Glenn Reynolds had the brains and courage to quit.(I'm still a coward, but I'm getting there.) Trump did very well tonight because he gave a conventional presidential speech — something the hoi polloi have been endlessly informed he was incapable of. By comparison, Pelosi and Schumer looked embalmed, which they well could be. The few people left in our culture who sit on the fence (no pun intended) were most likely more impressed with Trump, who looked human compared to the two morticians. Meanwhile, I nominate Chuck Schumer for the worst hypocrite in Congress. But that's scarcely new. If I were an Israeli, I'd strip him nude and send him out in the Negev with the Bedouins (known as the Bedoot in Lawrence) for his two-faced behavior on the Iran Deal. What human scum he is.