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How bad was "Cryin' Chuck" and San Fran Nan's rebuttal tonight?

Even the uber liberal is making fun of them:

This was not a good night for the Dems, folks.


First on PJ Media!

PragerU has filed another lawsuit against Google and YouTube. Read the breaking story here.

Stick around!

I'm working on a story about an explosive lawsuit in the area of big tech censorship — PJ Media is going to break the story later tonight, so stay tuned. It will be in the Trending section.

I beg to differ with my colleagues. What the swells on Twitter have to say about Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi may occasionally be amusing but is totally irrelevant, Jonah Goldberg especially (he made his NeverTrump bed years ago and he's sticking to it). Indeed, Twitter is rapidly becoming totally irrelevant — and not just because Glenn Reynolds had the brains and courage to quit.(I'm still a coward, but I'm getting there.) Trump did very well tonight because he gave a conventional presidential speech — something the hoi polloi have been endlessly informed he was incapable of. By comparison, Pelosi and Schumer looked embalmed, which they well could be. The few people left in our culture who sit on the fence (no pun intended) were most likely more impressed with Trump, who looked human compared to the two morticians. Meanwhile, I nominate Chuck Schumer for the worst hypocrite in Congress. But that's scarcely new. If I were an Israeli, I'd strip him nude and send him out in the Negev with the Bedouins (known as the Bedoot in Lawrence) for his two-faced behavior on the Iran Deal. What human scum he is.

I laughed out loud.