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Brazil Has an Idea to Fix Rampant Gun Violence: More Guns.

More guns -- less crime? It works here in the U.S., although I do sometimes wonder how much of our advantage is cultural, rather than constitutional.

In either case, Brazil's new right-leaning government is taking a big step towards defending a basic (and often maligned) civil liberty, according to the WSJ:

Brazil racked up nearly 64,000 homicides in 2017, the highest overall number in the world. Over 70% of those were committed with firearms, widely available to criminals on the black market. Here in São Paulo, a megalopolis of 12 million people, over a quarter of residents say they have been held up at gunpoint at some moment in their lives, according to a study this year by the city’s business school Insper.

“It’s not fair, we’ve become hostages in our own country,” said Mr. Sotero Júnior. “We can’t take it anymore.”

Now, Brazil is set to embark on an experiment that will determine what happens when you loosen gun restrictions in a country battling an overpowering wave of gun crime.

"Hostages in our own country," is, I'm sure, the actual goal of American gun-grabbers. But back to Brazil:

“All the hoodlums already have guns, it’s only the good guys who don’t!” Mr. Bolsonaro said in a radio interview earlier this year. He said Saturday that he plans to issue a decree allowing all Brazilians without criminal records to own firearms.

Supporters of the measure say arming law-abiding citizens might cause Brazil’s criminals to think twice about carrying out a crime like a carjacking or home break-in. Violence experts say simply adding more guns to the mix without tackling the root causes of crime will only make the murder rate climb faster.

The experts said that about this country, too, but the explosion in gun ownership and CCW has coincided with a long, slow decline in gun-related criminal activity. While that doesn't necessarily mean that more guns equal less crime, it absolutely disproves the "experts" who claim that more guns equal more crimes.

Again, that's in this country, with a long cultural tradition of gun ownership.

So will what works in America work in Brazil? I can only hope so, but I know for sure that Brazilians have the same inalienable rights we do, and wish them the best of luck in their efforts to legally recognize those rights.

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