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Fascinating read in Foreign Policy about President Trump's decision to pull out of Syria:

The American people continue to be horribly disserved with dishonest reporting about the president.

Oh thank God:

When I saw headlines about this yesterday I was praying, "please God let this be fake news." And it was.

That's why the 24 to 48 hour rule on all MSM stories about Trump is so essential.

And because we should all be in a better mood, here's a little #TGIF from the Babylon Bee:

Whatever you need to tell yourselves...

This is just silly. The very idea that Team Trump is worried because the MSM has duped Willard into being their latest Republican useful idiot is laughable. Pure wishful speculation is now all that the Trump-hating media can cough up during this fever-dream of theirs. It's embarrassing, dishonest, and undermines the few people out there who are still trying to be real journalists.

Re:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dance video. 

I'm not sure there are any notable conservatives criticizing Ocasio-Cortez for dancing in that video. (Q-Anon was started by 4chan trolls so they don't count.)

Larry O'Connor and others are genuinely puzzled by the charge.

Having said that, Robby Soave's point is well taken. Many conservatives right now seem almost obsessed with disparaging AOC and it's not a good look. I'm all for criticizing the missteps of all members of Congress, but not interested in joining the constant nitpicking.

AOC will be providing us with plenty of substantial material to keep us busy without us having to resort to comments about her clothes, etc.