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Devastating update on Bre Payton, the 26-year-old Federalist writer who was discovered yesterday morning unconscious and unresponsive in her room.  Doctors determined she was suffering from the H1N1 virus (aka swine flu) and possibly meningitis.

It was reported early this afternoon that Bre has succumbed to the illness.

Titania, of course, is being facetious, here. This unladylike beast's behavior was appalling.

Normal people are increasingly being forced to play bit parts in other people's deranged psychodramas.

At this rate, I wonder how long Nancy will last. From a press release by a group calling itself Justice Democrats:

Following Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s announcement on the appointment of Representative Kathy Castor to chair a “Select Committee on the Climate Crisis,” Justice Democrats spokesperson Waleed Shahid released the following statement:

“Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership seem to be pushing forward a weak Select Committee that has no subpoena power, that allows participation from members of Congress who take donations from the fossil fuel industry, and that has no explicit goals regarding the mass economic mobilization needed to match the UN’s recommendations on scale and timeline.”

“It’s extremely disappointing that the current proposal may be even weaker than Pelosi’s previous Select Committee on climate in 2007. Democratic leadership still has time to create a Select Committee on a Green New Deal and support a serious proposal that holds fossil fuel billionaires accountable and is based on what science demands.”

“The party of the resistance can't take the path of least resistance on climate and inequality."


The Sunrise Movement, Justice Democrats, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez launched their call for a Green New Deal at a sit-in at Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington on November 13, 2018. The Sunrise Movement led another round of sit-ins on December 10th where 143 young leaders were arrested for a moral act of civil disobedience at Pelosi and Hoyer’s offices in Washington.

A total of 45 Democrats in the House of Representatives now back Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal for a Select Committee on the Green New Deal.

Justice Democrats and Sunrise Movement have also demanded that no member of Congress receiving donations from the fossil fuel industry be appointed to the Select Committee.

Castor's suggestion that she might want to abide by the First Amendment when it comes to campaign contributions got her into hot water with this radical climate change group and they're demanding her head. You can never be woke enough for the lunatic left.

I predict San Fran Nan won't last a year before she's run out by the children in the Dem caucus.

Oh, by the way, the group was founded by former Bernie staffers. Delicious, isn't it?

Now go pop some popcorn and enjoy this Dem food knife fight.

Another strange twist in the left's false flag campaign to influence the Alabama special election:

“It was basically a bunch of people getting together to talk about disinformation,” he said. “Part of the reason I agreed to speak, and somewhat reluctantly sign the NDA, is I was told by the organizer that I could follow up with any of the people on any of the projects after the meeting.”

Shane said it wasn’t necessary to disclose to readers that he previously spoke at a meeting organized by people behind Project Birmingham.

“I don’t think there’s any kind of disclosure that’s relevant, though I’m happy to be corrected,” he said. “If you’ve been to meet with intelligence or defense officials at an off-the-record meeting … it’s always a trade-off as to what the ground rules are versus whether you get something useful for your readers. And in this case I did get something useful.”

Shane said he followed up with people after the meeting to obtain information about Project Birmingham on the record so he could write a story.

Via digital media entrepreneur Jeff Giesea, here is a leaked copy of the secret after-action report from the Alabama Senate disinfo campaign known as "Project Birmingham."

Keep in mind that Jonathon Morgan, the lefty tech geek who ran the op, claims his firm deployed the Russian botnet false flag not to influence the election, but merely to study how the tactics worked.

“The research project was intended to help us understand how these kinds of campaigns operated,” Morgan insisted. “We thought it was useful to work in the context of a real election but design it to have almost no impact.”


The very first line in the after-action report contradicts that:

"In September - December 2017 we ran a digital messaging operation to influence the outcome of the AL senate race."