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Live Blog

"Tracked." You know, like prey.

From Business Insider:

Facebook has changed its policy around location data collection and now makes it impossible for users to avoid being tracked for advertisement purposes, according to a Gizmodo report on Tuesday.

A Facebook spokesperson told Gizmodo that the company does not use WiFi data to track locations for ads if a user has "Location Services" turned off, though it does use IP information, and other information like check-ins and the current city on a user's profile, regardless.

"There is no way for people to opt out of using location for ads entirely," the Facebook spokesperson said told Gizmodo.

Everybody has to make a buck. Heck, I've gotten two deliveries this week alone that were purchased from sponsored ads on Instagram. I am, however, a willing participant in all of this. If some don't want to be they should have a better option than, "Well, just don't use Facebook." A happy medium, less totalitarian option might be nice. Most Facebook users haven't figured out that you don't have to use a person's full name when you tag him or her in a post, so it's a fair bet that they wouldn't figure out the opt-out for ad tracking.