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Here is your live blog for the day.

Look what wins again:

When ABC canceled this show they insisted it was more about ratings than the fact that it's a conservative favorite.

I think they lied.

Oh hey, The New York Times Opinion page found a couple of academics to engage in some hand-wringing, questioning a federal judge:

I am always amused when liberals start shouting "rule of law" and suddenly become opposed to judicial activism, which is really the only way they've been able to advance their most precious policies for over a decade now.

And all we've really found out so far is that Paul Manafort is a tool:

For the record: I also used to complain about how much Ken Starr was spending back in the day.

Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik came out swinging at the decision by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to prohibit off-duty cops from carrying firearms with so-called large-capacity magazines (10+ rounds).

They won't stop until the good guys are all disarmed.


...Donald Trump sure knows how to get his facts wrong. His basis for this taunt is the mere fact that most of the writers at the magazine don't like him. That is also the reason there is grave-dancing on MAGA Twitter. There is no further thought to it than that. It's not about content or conservative ideas, the quality of the writing, the financial picture, the market, the activism, or the decades of work. It's just that they don't like him, and that hurts his feelings.

He should have read PJ's Tyler O'Neil to find out more.

Now watch the comments here for displays of ignorance from the grave-stomping drones who equally ignore facts in favor of indulging their worship.