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Here is your live blog for the day.

Maybe it's because I'm sitting here, just a block from the White House, but here's my concluding thought for the day:

Our survey says...

Mick Mulvaney! For now...

Trump only named him "acting White House Chief of Staff." He reserves the right to pick someone else for the permanent position.

Before I sign off for today, I thought I'd share my favorite version of one of my favorite Christmas songs.


(h/t to our old friend Tammy Bruce for this) Ouch.

This is the zillionth example of why I never grow tired of President Trump bashing the idiots at CNN. They are shameless partisan propagandists who pervert all that is good and necessary about journalism. When called on it they wrap themselves in the First Amendment and pretend to be victims. They're awful and deserve every bit of derision sent their way.

Here are the highlights of a Twitter convo that caught my eye:

And the hard truth knockout punch from my friend Kira:

Kira is absolutely correct. The California GOP is, and has been for decades, a complete joke. It exists largely as an excuse to party at semi-annual conventions and has almost zero interest in the business of politics. In 2016 I told a friend that I was tired of trying to help them win when they weren't at all interested in doing so. The Republican party's biggest problem in California is anemic voter turnout. In my 22 years as a member of the GOP in the Golden State I don't recall even a little lip service being given to GOTV efforts.

But hey, they have another really cool convention coming up again soon.