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Holy cow, this is huge:

To be honest, I didn't expect the Ohio Senate to do it. They've voted it down before (or failed to vote it out of committee) and I didn't think they'd have the courage to pass the Heartbeat Bill. I could not be happier to have been wrong. Now the bill -- which would protect babies with a detectable heartbeat from death by abortion -- goes to "pro-life" Gov. Kasich, who has vowed to veto it. He has ten days to do so, after which the Senate will need to reconvene (during the holiday break) to override the veto. It's not clear if there are enough votes to do that.

But way to go, Ohio Senate.

Outgoing Rep. Christian Hagan, the mother of newborn twins and the bill's primary sponsor, penned a beautiful Facebook post earlier this week to urge her colleagues in the Senate to pass the Heartbeat Bill. She wrote, "Rocking my boys to sleep and wondering how anyone could work to kill a bill to protect children with beating hearts and sleep at night knowing they had the power to make a difference."

Amen to that.


This is sad news:

Rest in peace, Admiral Lyons.

A lot of reporters today are getting this pathetic email from the Women's March PR dept.

If you've not yet read the Tablet expose on the Women's March, you should. Even for those of us who already knew about some of the antisemitism of the founders, it's an eye-opener.


Everything in the culture has to be about politics now. And I mean EVERYTHING.

The only way to escape it is to turn off your internet and go to bunker.

Mika has offered a "twitterpology" for her "butt-boy" slur:

And that is that. The storm has passed for Brzezinski.

While, most people would be required to mount a sackcloth and ashes apology PR campaign at this point, nothing more will be required from this privileged member of the liberal, anti-Trump media.