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I just stumbled across the crappiest little item in the Wall Street Journal.

Drudge linked the article -- more of a blog post, really -- with the innocuous "NDakota Passes Venezuela in Oil Output..."

But writer Spencer Jakab's headline and subhead read:

Little Caracas on the Prairie

North Dakota has passed once-mighty Venezuela in oil output, but still trails in other things.

Are you kidding me with this? "Little Caracas?" North Dakota "trails [Vene-freaking-zuela] in other things?"

It pains me to tell you that Jakab isn't some Millennial blogger who, in the immortal words of Obama aide Ben Rhodes, is 27 years old and knows literally nothing. Instead, he's a guy who appears to be a few years older than I am, and serves as a Deputy Editor for the once-mighty Journal.

Which brings us to Jakab's lede, which is Big City/Blue Enclave snobbery at its most pathetic: "You know things are bad when North Dakota zooms past you." A shithole of a Red State outshining the beloved Bolivarian people's socialist republic? Well, we mustn't have that.

And what makes Venezuela such a paradise (still)? Better weather, he writes, "global warming notwithstanding." The global warming is so awful that -- Jakab's lack of self-awareness here is stunning -- in the very next line he complains that North Dakota "recorded the coldest temperature on earth to ring in 2018."

Maybe Jakab was just trying to be funny. You know, by putting down a booming American state in comparison to a failed people's state which people are literally dying to escape. If so, that's a big swing and a huge miss for such a tiny little column.

But we do need something to laugh at this morning, so allow me to offer Jakab some humorous advice.

Try spending a month in the real Caracas, bub -- and remember to bring your own toilet paper.

San Fran Nan slipped up earlier today when she absent-mindedly said "Christmas present to the American people," (quelle horreur!) which she quickly corrected to say "holiday present."

"Unfortunately that the president choose to shut down the government, that we have a Trump shut-down as a Christmas present -- a holiday present to the American people," she stammered.



Stormy Daniels to pay Trump.

The Hill's Avery Anapol has the story:

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered adult-film star Stormy Daniels to pay President Trump $293,052.33 in attorneys’ fees amid their ongoing legal battles.

U.S. District Judge James Otero ordered Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, to pay the fees in her defamation case against Trump, which Otero dismissed in October.

After the defamation case failed, Trump’s attorneys had requested that Daniels pay them $340,000 in legal fees.

Daniels is still suing Trump, and will likely appeal the case.

What a joke Politifact is:

Where's the lie exactly?

Why do Republicans always wait until it's almost too late to make bold moves?

Republicans hope that introducing this legislation in the House would lead to a vote in the Senate, where Republicans will still maintain the majority after picking up two seats in the Nov. 6 midterm elections. However, Republicans lost the majority of the House, so passing the legislation would need to happen before Dec. 21 to avert a partial government shutdown. House Republicans believe they have the votes in order for it to pass.

A group of Republicans in the Senate, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe and South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds, introduced The WALL Act on Dec. 5, which would fund the border wall in full.

This is likely the GOP's last shot to fund the border wall before Democrats take back a majority in the House on Jan. 3.

Ironically, their lack of movement on this and other important issues is largely why Democrats took back the majority.