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What did McInnes say or do that was so terrible? Sure, he's a politically incorrect actor/writer/comedian who's said some controversial things. And he's the founder of the rambunctious antifa foes "Proud Boys," (which the SPLC  calls a "hate group"). Got it. And for that he's unpersoned by even CRTV?

Meanwhile, via Twitchy today, we have Twitter's latest deplatforming:

I didn't follow @TitaniaMcGrath, a hilarious SJW-mocking troll account, but now I wish I had.

What is Deep State schemer John Brennan implying here?

Really, fella? President Trump isn't going to be able to run in 2020 because of a trumped-up campaign finance violation? Do we really think that's going to fly? When we all know that Obama was merely fined for campaign violations that dwarf Trump's alleged violations?

Democrats are now openly talking about throwing President Trump in jail as part of their campaign to either impeach him or make him too politically toxic to run for reelection. These people are totalitarian freaks (as the late great Andrew Breitbart once quipped) who weaponize government for political gain. And as PJ Media's Michael Walsh likes to say, they never, ever stop.


This is not the Onion -- it's Is only hiring male Santa impersonators discrimination against women?

After a councillor in County Durham told a woman she couldn’t play Father Christmas, a row kicked off about whether it’s time we changed the rules and had female Santa Clauses. If you saw the debate you might have dismissed it – after all, Santa has always been a jolly fat man, famed for his massive white beard – and that’s what kids expect, right? So, why change tradition? Well, why not? Santa is a fictional construct after all.

The piece was written by Faima Bakar and her arguments in favor of female Santas are about as lame as you would expect.

Reactions in the comment section are 100 percent negative, including this one from an apparent fellow traveler: "Faima please. Stories like this do nothing but set back progress."


The Dem Congress is going to be lit af.

I hope you've stockpiled plenty of corn for popping.