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Google insists personalization of results is "light."

This week, Google competitor Duck Duck Go released a study showing that Google still delivers personalized results to users, even in "incognito mode." I spoke with Dr. Robert Epstein about the study in this article.

Google's public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, responded to the story, insisting that personalization is "very light."

Sullivan attacked Duck Duck Go, saying the Google competitor personalized results more than Google.

This entirely misses the point of the article, which focused on Google's surveillance and advertising, arguing that even when users think they're "incognito" on Google, they're still being watched and targeted. Sullivan did not deny this in his responses.

Have you hugged a fracker today?

Ocasio-Cortez hasn't even been sworn in yet but she's at the top of this list.

Given her apparently complete lack of knowledge regarding American history, the Constitution, and civics, she will undoubtedly do something so stupid that the MSM will regret having manufactured her appeal. They won't admit it, of course, but they will regret it.

Oh no...

Ecostatists don't care; any lie will do.