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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

Well well:

I'm trying to come up with a super woke, intersectional explanation for why a millennial feminist SJW would go to the extent of telling lies to defend a male sexual abuser, but I'm coming up empty.

I'm guessing the mind-blowing hypocrisy didn't bother her ... because he was good on the issues ... and they were buddies.

Not terribly woke, is it?


I really don't understand why GOP lawmakers in Ohio are pandering to the feminists whining about their right to feminine hygiene products.

Finally, some language policing I can get behind.

Trump is doing a lot right, but...

Seriously, he needs to consider deficits. If the nation goes insolvent after he is out of office, that will impact him, his family, and the millions of Americans he serves.

In other news, "The Simpsons" predicted the debt would increase under Trump's presidency. Then again, until the American political winds change 180 degrees, the debt is just going to continue to increase. Don't expect President Pocahontas to be any better...

The ratio is epic, but this one response had me nearly on the floor.

It's funny because it's true.