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Mollie Hemingway points out the gross hypocrisy of CNN:

There are now multiple calls from Jewish groups and others for CNN to fire Marc Lamont Hill for using a Hamas rallying cry in a speech at the UN, but as of this writing, the network hasn't even addressed his controversial comments.

Hill, meanwhile, is arguing on Twitter that it is "ABSURD and illogical" to suggest that there is anything untoward about his use of the terrorist phrase “from the river to the sea.”

David Harsanyi at the Federalist pushed back on Hill's lame explanation.

No one uses this phrase accidentally — certainly not in this context. Certainly not someone smart enough to be considered one of the nation’s leading intellectuals.

It has nothing to do, as Hill laughably contends, with the emergence of a multi-ethnic liberal democratic state. Rather, it is about pushing Jews into the sea.

You’d think this kind of bigoted rhetoric would be highly upsetting to CNN’s sensitive journalists, who are able to ferret out anti-Semitic dog whistles, sometimes real and often imagined, all over the place.

Indeed they do. Read the whole piece for examples.

We're not allowed to criticize left-wing sugar-daddy George Soros without being called anti-Semitic white supremacists, but one of their own can belch out a terrorist war cry calling for the destruction of the Jewish state -- and it's crickets.